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What is Imadulation?

what is imadulation
Imadulation® is the process of accessing the power of the creative imagination to modulate or manifest an intentional inner experience. The term evolves from two keywords: Imagine- "to form a mental picture or idea" and Modulate- "to regulate, adjust, and fine tune.”
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Your inner images have a profound effect on your physiology, and can alter blood flow, heart rate variability, blood pressure, muscle tension, and immune functioning to name a few.
Learning to harness your own power to transform your life through intentional use of imagery is what Imadulation® is all about. "Purposeful software for the mind, to manifest the life you desire."
imadulation's mission statement
The purpose of Imadulation® guided imagery and meditation audio programs is to empower you to discover your unlimited potential through the intentional use of your creative imagination, and to improve your health and wellness so you can live the life of your dreams.
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Our Founder and President is Ellen Simon M.Ed., M.S., L.P.C., B.C., I.A.C., BCB, BCN, CA., a board licensed psychotherapist who specializes in peak performance, pain management, meditation, psychotherapeutic medical hypnosis, neurofeedback, biofeedback and interactive guided imagery.