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Guided Imagery & Hypnosis help access your inner wisdom and the support the body's natural ability to heal. Biofeedback is a tool that facilitates awareness of subtle changes in your physiology so that you learn greater control over your response to life. I offer the following biofeedback modalities to enhance the mind body connection: heart rate variability, which is a powerful tool for stress management; Alpha theta Neurofeedback, which is a comfortable brain wave treatment to train deeper states in order to facilitate the release addictions & unwanted behaviors; and HEG which improves focus via training brain blood flow.

- Ellen Simon

Results & Therapist Reviews

Listed below are real letters from real people in the Dallas Metroplex who have reached out to Ellen Simon for therapy treatment & help for a wide array of issues including: weight loss, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, smoking cessation, as well as other ailments.

Weight Loss

By: Chris W.
weight loss therapy
“Fighting my weight has been a life long endeavor.  I've tried everything from Richard Simmons to Jenny Craig, Medifast to Atkins, Denise Austin to Billy Banks, all with short term success and small weight loss success. In all of these attempts, they gave me all the information I needed to eat healthy and exercise, but they all missed the most important tool you need for success in weight loss- MOTIVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was younger there was always the short burst of motivation, such as bathing suit weather, class reunion, special occasions, and weight loss was much easier.  Now as I am getting older, the motivation is harder to get excited about and the weight is much harder to get off and keep off. Prior to you, I was in a major slump period in my life. Stressful Job, bad relationship, and problems with an aging parent. I was lethargic, not focused on myself, feeling depressed, not being able to pull myself out of it, bad eating habits, no exercise, no MOTIVATION!  Fortunately for me, I had a good Friend who had gone to Dr. Saraiya for sleep apnea, he put her on a bi-pap at night and it changed her life. He also wanted her to try a new program he was involved in to help her quit smoking. My friend informed me that this new program was also for weight loss.I made my appointment in July 2006.

Four months later, I have lost 33 pounds, I jog everyday, I have started swimming a couple of times a week, and I am constantly aware of the fact that I need to be moving to feel better and to continue to lose weight. I have no desire for sweets, in the past that was a big problem for me. I eat less, I am never ravenous, I am making healthy food choices, I feel better than I have in years, and the most amazing thing is, I seem to be able to do these things without any real effort. The continual motivation is not only convenient, but reduces any stress that I might encounter through out the day.  In my opinion, Ellen has found the missing puzzle piece in all the programs that are out there, whether it is weight loss, smoking, drugs or alcohol.  You have to have the MOTIVATION to keep you focused on succeeding.  You have been giving me back a healthy life, that is a remarkable gift to give to anyone.”
By: Charm H.
"I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the status of my progress over the past few weeks.  As you may remember, one of the issues that we discussed was my desire to reduce the amount of diet Coke that I consumed on a daily basis.  I would like to express or "come clean" about the real amount of diet Coke that I consumed on an average day -- it would be very accurate to say I drank approximately 4-5 gallons per day.  Diet Coke was the first thing I reached for in the morning and the last thing I did before going to sleep.  You NEVER saw me without a diet Coke.  This addiction has been going on for 20 plus years.  With this said... I am happy to report (within a 10-day period of taking sessions with you) I am down to approximately 12 oz. of diet Coke per day!  I would also like to mention that I am not mad or anxious about the void of this in my daily routine.  I mention this because historically I have experienced these mentioned emotions when I have tried to cut back my consumption of diet Coke in the past.  This progress is truly effortless!  Also you will be happy to hear that I have lost 7 lbs. in this same window of time.  I do realize this will slow down, however, this too has been without a struggle.  I would also like to mention I am sleeping like a "rock" and my getting through the day with a much more clear thought process.  I'm keeping a journal of my daily progress and thoughts.  I'll keep you posted."

Childhood Illness of Unknown Origin

By: Cara B., mother of 10 year old
childhood illness therapy
“My 10 year old daughter has been ill every 4-6 weeks since she was 3 years old. She would develop a high fever with fever blisters, vomit and become lethargic. She was missing so much school that I was considering home schooling her even though I have a full time job and three other children. She has been to hundred’s of doctors and has received every blood test and diagnostic procedure that exists. Then six months ago I brought her to Ellen Simon. Her method of using interactive guided imagery, hypnosis and neurofeedback has corrected the problem. My daughter has not been ill once since she learned the techniques to connect to her own inner healer from Ellen Simon. I am grateful to her for helping my daughter live a normal life.”

Smoking Cessation

By: Richard O.
smoking cessation therapy
“I am happy to report that I am still a non-smoker thanks to you. As you know, I have tried many programs, gimmicks, and products, but was never successful. I still have craving from time to time, but they are getting fewer and further apart.

My health, endurance and overall feeling of wellness has escalated because of the confidence your non-smoking program has given to me, I’ve been able to tackle other challenges in my life such as alcohol consumption and diet, to name a few. People even tell me I look better.

I’m so pleased our paths have crossed. You truly have helped me to get more out of life. I have recommended your therapy to others. Again I want to thank you for your help.”

Chronic Pain

By: David H., Dallas, Texas
chronic pain therapy
“After sustaining a serious injury in 1996, and undergoing three major surgeries, I have found that at times, dealing with the stress, tension, anger, and depression that comes with trying to cope with the constant pain to be intolerable. I have tried allsorts of counseling to find some way of dealing with the depression and hopelessness of my situation, and it was not until I was introduced to Ellen Simon, and her unique approach that I experienced relief, direction and hope for my future. I recommend Ellen Simon to anyone who needs help dealing with the overwhelming issues related to chronic pain, and especially to those for whom standard treatment has failed or has proved disappointing. All that is needed is a willingness and an open mind, and this method can work for you too.”

Test Anxiety

By: Stacia, Texas State Board Licensed Professional Counselor
test anxiety therapy
“I suffered from severe test anxiety. I would often have to leave the room during a test because of overwhelming feelings of dread, nausea, and distress. After two sessions with Ellen Simon, I was able to pass my state board exam with flying colors! I was so relaxed and at ease, it was as if I were in my home preparing dinner. I was concerned at first that it wouldn't work for me, because I am a strong personality, but I see that being strong helps me to achieve my goals. I listened to the tape every night before my exam and it worked! I am now interested in other areas of self-improvement using her method of guided imagery and hypnosis.”

Lower Blood Pressure

By: John R., DDS
lower blood pressure therapy
“It has been about four weeks since we had my session to work on lowering blood pressure and eating smaller food portions. My success has been outstanding. My blood pressure reads 124/80 a lot of the time, without medication. I have continued on the low fat, near vegetarian diet, and am drinking lots of water. Consequently, I am losing weight and being healthier. I had previously received a stress thallium test come back positive for heart blockage, but as of yesterday with a heart catheterization dye test- all vessels were open and fully functional with no problems.

I love your relaxation suggestions and the use of visualization for stress relief. Ellen you did a great job.”

Tourette’s Syndrome

By: Carol K.
tourettes syndrome therapy
“My eight year old son is battling Tourette’s Syndrome. Ellen Simon and her method has been a godsend to him. Ellen Simon has taught him breathing and relaxation techniques and most importantly, to accept himself despite these challenges. By utilizing Ellen’s expertise, my son is having great success reducing the effects tics have on his day to day life. I am so grateful to Ellen for providing my son with life skills that will directly impact the quality of his life.”


By: Melissa
illness and cancer therapy
“Dear Ellen, I just wanted to thank you for the enormous help that our guided imagery work has been to me so far.  Even in just a few short weeks, I have seen real progress.  I feel more attuned to my body and can sense a channel of communication opening between my subconscious and my conscious awareness.  Our sessions and your recorded sessions on
 CD have provided both deep relaxation and exciting insights into the nature of healing.  Acute Leukemia is a daunting disease, but I feel much less helpless with you in my corner!  As you know, my intent is to continue this work with you beyond remission.  I've been recommending it to everyone I know as well!”


By: Kenneth M., 18 years old
headache therapy
“Before receiving Ellen Simon’s treatment, I didn’t notice my headaches until they would just hit me, and it would be so painful it was difficult to concentrate at school or even think. Before I met Ellen Simon, I had to take medicine to get rid of my headaches, now I can get rid of them by just relaxing and breathing.”
Disclosure The intended use of client testimonials is to provide valuable insight to potential clients regarding the comprehensive mind/body treatment rendered by Ellen Simon. Although Ellen has a long track record of success, individual results may vary. There is no guarantee of individual results, as all people respond to therapy in a unique way.