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> Hypnotherapy
Although most people have a concept of what hypnosis/hypnotherapy is, there are many misconceptions about it. The reality is much less ‘dramatic’ than what the media portrays.

In hypnosis a partnership is entered into between a client and Hypnotherapist, in which the client agrees to allow themselves to relax into a state of deeper conscious.

The Hypnotherapist is only the GUIDE on the journey, the client is the true hypnotist. If a client refuses to be hypnotized or defies the attempts, they are not fulfilling their part of the agreement and thus will not enter into a true hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is an amazing tool that can be used in many areas as alternative care. Because habit breaking/developing changes are much easier to instill on a deeper conscious level, Hypnosis offers a wonderful tool for these areas.

Hypnosis can also be a great asset for individuals looking to ‘search’ their mind for what may seem like lost memories, or even past lives. It is often a wonderful benefit for individuals who have had a difficult time facing an area in their past or getting past a trauma, as the mind has a wonderful way of protecting us. In this way hypnosis can be used, by a competent Hypnotherapist, to get to the source of an issue while keeping a level of protection for the client.
> Guided Imagery & Guided Meditation
Guided Imagery / Guided Meditation is a process used to help guide individuals to a relaxed state. There are many ways this tool can be used.

Often scripted, a practitioner will guide a client  through one if not several techniques that encourage relaxation. This may be the only goal of a guided meditation, or a practitioner may use it for a variety of other options such as enhancing learning, overcoming unwanted habits, reducing pain or enhancing self-esteem. 

Frequently used initially to help achieve relaxation and comfort regular use of meditation has ling term benefits for physical emotional and spiritual health.
Please review my Hypnosis & Guided meditation CD’s to find one right for you and your situation! Lean More about guided imagery and Imadulation.
> Biofeedback
Biofeedback is a technique that magnifies and measures typical bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, muscle tension and skin temperature in order to help control them. Some of the physiological measures include:
• Breathing
• Heart rate and Heart rate variability ( a measure of  the stress response)
• Blood pressure
• Muscle Tension
• Skin temperature
• HEG Hemoencephalography
Observation of these measurements, which are amplified like a telescope and presented ( fed back as attractive visual displays or auditory feedback viewed on a computer monitor) to the client provides a unique and powerful opportunity to learn how to control these aspects of the physiology typically outside awareness or conscious control.

When stressed, the body typically tenses the muscles, breathing becomes shallow and rapid, blood flow is diverted away from the hands to the deep muscles causing peripheral vasoconstriction, and heart rate increases and produces less coherence. 

In response to this stress response,clients are taught relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques such as imagery combined with breathing that work to alter the stressed physiology and emotions to ultimately teach greater control. This new learning results in increased confidence, relaxation, and improved well being. It is empowering to see how you can alter your heart rate and blood pressure and effect a  change in your response to stress on just one session!

Biofeedback training is  effective in treating conditions as:
• anxiety
•  panic disorder
• chronic pain
•  headache
•  high blood pressure
•  sleep disorders
• stress related symptoms
• irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• frears & phobias
Learning to breath mindfully and to relax your muscles will help you learn to quiet your mind and this serves to foster a calm feeling inside.With more peace in the body the mind becomes quiet and still like a mountain lake. Learning this  can inoculate you against the sometimes harsh realities of life and can prevent stress and tension from creating muscle related pain and other unwanted symptoms.
> Neurofeedback
Neurofeedback is brain wave biofeedback. In peripheral biofeedback, information about some part of your body is fed back to you, and you are able to gain control over yourself in a way previously unavailable.

In neurofeedback the information that is fed back to you is EEG (electroencephalogram) data read by sensors placed on your head. Very tiny amounts of electric energy are read and processed by electronic and computer equipment to provide you with moment by moment information about your brain activity.

Neurofeedback is usually provided to improve focus and concentration and also to facilitate deeper meditative states where spiritual awareness and connection to one's inner wisdom is often realized.

Alpha theta neurofeedback is like super meditation as the alpha and theta brain waves are rewarded thus creating an experience of inner peace where problems can be resolved and non resourceful behaviors overcome.

Neurotherapy, as the application of neurofeedback is sometimes called, has the objective to:
• Stabilizing overall brain function by strengthening the brain's ability to routinely produce brainwaves in healthy ranges, easing the brain out of stuck patterns of thought and behavior
• Improving the flexibility and resiliency of the brain to make the shift from one brainwave state to another smoothly and effectively
In alpha theta neurofeedback, patient's enter into very open and sensitive states of consciousness and in my practice, this is often combined with hypnotherapy psychotherapy to allow for processing of emotions and any experiences.
> Reiki
Reiki is a energy healing art that originated in Japan. The word Reiki is Japanese in origin as well. Rei means ‘universal’ and Ki means ‘life force energy’ (Chi - in Chinese, Prana - in Indian, Light - in other Spiritual Circles).

In Reiki the energy flows from a higher source, through the practitioner's hands, passing into the client. This can be a hands on or off technique, meaning the Practitioner may or may not lay hands directly on their client - it is not necessary, but often a choice made by the individual Practitioner.

Reiki II Practitioners can also pass energy using distant healing. By focusing on a client who is in need of a healing in another area. Or a Practitioner may use a material item such as a stuffed toy, pillow or candle to share energy with others.
> Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Meridian Point Therapy (MPT)

All Meridian Therapies are based on a foundation laid out by Roger Callahan in developing TFT. These skills are one of the fastest and most efficient ways for the help of immediate release, and reduction of many symptoms and issues.

Using techniques and Patterns relating to Meridian Points, a Practitioner can offer clients a simple yet highly effective tool for relief of symptoms in many areas of emotional and physical distress.

As a TFT / Meridian Point therapist, I often teach my clients certain techniques in which they can be empowered to help themselves in situations where they need it most. When working on a specific concern, I use several different testing techniques to help a client get the best results.